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Welcome to Expest Exterminating Serving Athens & Surrounding AreasExpect the Best With Expest

Pest Control & Termite Protection in Athens GA

Pest Control Athens Ga
Expest is a Pest Control Athens GA company. Expest Exterminating provides professional pest control services for North Metro Atlanta and Athens, GA homes and businesses. Our customers receive highly rated service from our experienced and conscientious technicians and ongoing support from our friendly office staff. Your satisfaction with Expest’s service is our number one priority. You can depend on Expest Exterminating to provide professional, safe and effective protection.

Wildlife and Mosquito Control in Athens GA

Mosquitoes and other wildlife can be a nuisance and a health hazard for many. With Expest Exterminating, we provide solutions to control and get rid of mosquitoes and to trap and exclude wildlife from being around or entering your home. With over 30 years experience, we help our customers stay free of mosquitoes and wildlife.

Pest Control In Athens Ga

We are the top Pest Control Company in Athens Ga! We provide incredible services, and you will be happy with our excellent communication and customer service for each of our clients. We have a proven system that works, and we are

Pest Control Athens GA

Expest differentiates itself from other pest control Athens GA companies by offering a wide range of pest services, an experienced, professional, and friendly staff, and a fair and competitive pricing schedule. Taking each customer individually and determining how to best serve their needs is our top priority. Our customers are our most important assets as they allow us to handle their pest control needs and trust our ability to professionally, thoroughly, and safely solve their pest problems. We value our customer relationships, and provide solutions to all your household pest control needs. We are able to service your home, office, rental property with the utmost care and tactfulness. We provide perimeter services that do not involve us coming into the home. We know that your time is important so we pride ourselves to always be on time and courteous to our customers.  

Our pest control technicians live and work right here in the Athens, GA area, and we love Bulldog Country! We are your friendly neighborhood Pest Control company. We pride ourselves on providing excellent and prompt service to our customers, and we have a great reputation with our customers because of that. We are a top rated company on and had received multiple service awards through Angie's List. Let us be your Pest Control company!

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) - Pest Control Athens GA

Pest control Athens GaAnts, cockroaches, spiders, bees, silverfish and other crawling insects are common problems in Athens Georgia homes and businesses. Expest will implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to handle pests in and around your home. IPM is a safer, more effective and environmentally friendly approach to pest control. It involves inspection of the Athens GA property, identification of pests and harborage areas, sealing off entry points, treating attics, basements, crawl spaces, the use of traps and sanitation. 

A firm understanding of insect behavior is essential for intelligent and effective pest control.

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is a term that describes a more comprehensive approach to pest control. IPM goes beyond simply spraying pesticides until the problem goes away, this is obviously not safe and usually not effective long-term. An IPM approach says first let's perform a thorough inspection to gather information. Once the pests are identified, then what is causing the pest problem is determined, (i.e. what can be done besides using pesticides to eliminate the problem). Next we implement a plan of action, make suggestions to homeowners, and finally apply a limited amount of pesticide if necessary. Many Athens GA pest control problems are solved without pesticides and just taking a little time to investigate.


Pest control Athens GaBy far our most popular pest service. Our exterior perimeter service was introduced a few years ago with the increasing ant populations in Georgia. We found that many of our customers who were on our quarterly service would commonly say, "I knew it was time for our next service because we started seeing bugs". The pest treatments begin to wear down and become ineffective with time thus the need for on-going maintenance. However, we did not want our customers to see bugs at all - even if it was time for our next service. So we began performing our treatments on alternating months and on the exterior only. Because most bugs come from the exterior we are able to control them before they enter. With the change to our Alternate Month Perimeter Service we had instant results and an improvement in our pest control service. We are able to perform the treatments on a more consistent basis because the need to schedule an interior appointment was eliminated and the number of customers reporting bug sitings reduced dramatically.

Termite Protection in Athens GA

In the South, it’s not a question of if termites will target a structure, it’s a question of when.

Every year in the United States, termites cause more damage to structures than fire and earthquakes combined. As a general rule, termites are attracted to wood and moisture while being repelled by light and air. As a result, termites can go undetected by most homeowners until damages occur.

EXPEST will inspect your Athens GA home at no charge and provide a detailed analysis on termite activity and other wood destroying organisms.

Expest offers Termite Retreat and Repair Bonds with an annual service renewal which protects your home for years after the initial treatment for Athens GA Pest Control. Retreat and Repair Bonds Include:

  • Annual inspection of property
  • Re-treatments of termite infestations (when termite activity is found)
  • Repair of termite damage • $250,000 in termite damage coverage (standard coverage - higher levels of coverage are available)
  • No deductible on termite repairs
  • Renewable for 10 years
  • Transferable to subsequent owner of property upon payment of annual renewal

EXPEST also offers termite letters for real estate sales. A.K.A.: Clearance letters, listing letters, closing letters, WDO reports (the actual name Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report). These are reports of a visual inspection of a structure performed by a licensed pest control company. The report indicates visible evidence of previous and active infestations on the date of the inspection. Below are more sources of information on termites:

FAQs for Pest Control in Athens Ga 

Pest control Athens Ga

Q—Can't you just come out once and get rid of all my pests?

A—Expest can perform a whole house extermination and eliminate the current pest problems. However for the long term we may recommend a maintenance program, which involves an Integrated Pest Management solution (IPM) which may include exclusion to seal up entry points where pests are entering. Some pest problems may require homeowner cooperation and participation, such as sanitation to varying degrees. If we feel a particular problem will take some time to eliminate or require follow-up visits, we will prepare you for that.

Q--- What is an IPM Program Pest Control Athens Ga and how can it help me?

A-- An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is a term that describes a more comprehensive approach to pest control. IPM goes beyond simply spraying pesticides until the problem goes away, this is obviously not environmentally friendly and usually not effective long-term. An IPM approach says first lets perform a thorough inspection to gather information. Once the pests are identified, then what is causing the pest problem is determined, (i.e. what can be done other than using pesticides to eliminate the problem). Next we implement a plan of action, make suggestions to homeowners, and finally apply a limited amount of pesticide if necessary. Many pest problems are solved without pesticides and just taking a little time to investigate.

Q—What are the effects of long-term exposure to the pesticides you use?

A—New formulations, such as pastes and gels, have nearly eliminated airborne pesticides indoors. Most of the liquid pesticides used by Expest have minimal amounts of active ingredients, little and no odor, and no air borne particles to breath. Pesticides are typically placed in areas that are inaccessible to people and pets, such as in cracks and crevices where bugs tend to hide. Most homeowners who use over-the-counter pest control products often overcompensate for a lack of knowledge on how best solve a pest problem by using far more pesticide than is necessary. So, let the pros at Expest handle your pest problems.

Q—Will your treatment hurt my pets?

A—No. With the proper use of pesticides according to label directions, used at proper rates, taking precautions, such as removing pets until after the treatment is dry, and using a little common sense to avoid unnecessary exposure, no pets will be harmed because of the treatment. Safeguarding the health of our customers and their pets are of utmost importance to us. Many of the products pest management professionals use are also used by veterinarians to treat pets for fleas.

Q—Our house was treated for termites when we moved in five years ago. Does it need to be treated or inspected again?

A—  The necessary treatment intervals of termite treatments is based on several factors, such as what type of termiticide was last used on the home, how properly is the home maintained, how thoroughly has the house been treated in the past, what is the structure and design of the house, is there proper drainage of surface water, and many other factors. The home should definitely be inspected by a professional exterminator on a regular and consistent basis.  A fact that may surprise you is that termites do more damage to homes each year than fire and storms combined! The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that structures be inspected once a year for termites and wood destroying insects. Call Expest to set up your termite inspection today and we will provide you with information from the inspection to help you make a decision on the the best time to treat.

Q—We have seen a couple of roaches. However, we are concerned about a pest control treatment because of our child’s asthma. What do you suggest?

A— Studies reported in the New England Journal of Medicine suggest a link between cockroaches and asthma in children. In addition, new technology in cockroach control has provided pest control treatment options which quickly eliminate roach populations with minimal applications of non-volatile, low toxicity products.

Q—What Natural household items can I use to be proactive in avoiding pests until the Pest control Athens Ga professionals get there? 

A— The truth is that pests love being around humans. Our kids drop ice cream on the floor and we dont always clean it up the most effective way. Pests have evolved and are adaptable to almost all extreme conditions. If a pest control company doesn't evolve with the pests they are treating the treatments can be rendered ineffective. It is important to go with a trusted and dependable pest control company. A few things that you can do to be proactive in between treatments is to never ever leave out easy accessible food or dirty dishes. This is asking for the pests to come into your home and set up camp. Natural items that you can use and the insects supposably hate are listed below:

Basil - Flies

Citrus - Spiders

Vinegar - Ants

Catnip - Mosquitos

Salt - Fleas

Coffee Grounds - Roaches

These will help out and are all natural, but if you are hoping they eliminate insects all together they wont. They will help you to be proactive in keeping pests out and your house might smell like a Starbucks Barista while you wait for pest control to come out, but it is not best for eliminating pests altogether.

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We provide premium quality services. We are here to protect our clients homes from the onslaught of bugs trying to establish real estate. We realize the alternatives to our services, and believe that we can provide the quality and exceptional services that our customers rave about. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our knowledge and outstanding services. With years of experience, we are quickly becoming the leader in Athens Ga Pest Control Services. We pride ourselves on being able to be their for each and every client. Please check out our amazing offers going on now, and become an Expest client today!

Recent Customer Reviews

“Arrived before time both for the quote and the work. Very polite & no “hard sell”. (I hate that!) Cost was almost half of other quotes received for same chemical treatment! Excellent professional service at a great price!!! I will recommend Expest to all of my friends and family!

Saundra, Duluth

“Bill did an inspection of my attic. He identified areas in need of repair. His price and ratings won him the business. 5 Stars. I will be calling Expest again in the future!”

Tom, Athens

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